Like many yogis, I got into the physical practice as a way to stretch and rest during training for running races and triathlons. I was quickly affected by the feeling of calm I came away from each class with. The strength, focus, stability, grounding, and flexibility I was gaining was not limited to the physical. I enjoy living a busy and full life. I often struggle to do less. Yoga has helped me to keep myself in check. It helped me learn that there is time for work and time for rest. It helped me learn my own physical and mental limitations. Not to be a total cheeseball, but I have seen yoga come into peoples’ lives at exactly the right moment; physical injury, personal struggle, spiritual search, etc. That is perhaps what I enjoy about the practice the most. It is a buffet - your teacher is a guide but you are your teacher. You can choose the poses that feel best in your body and take options that offer you a challenge if you see fit. That can change with every yoga class. I have gained so much through the practice.

After practicing for 12 years, I was ready to dig deeper. Finally, things fell into place and after a two year search for the perfect training, I earned my certification. Eager to share what I had learned, I began teaching yoga in Carbon County, PA. Native Yoga is the culmination of many years of excellent teachers, a strong certification training program, and a group of curious and open-minded, accepting, kind, strong individuals who show up to their practice - YOU!

Why I Started Native Yoga

native yoga 

making yoga in carbon county, pa since 2015




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